Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.  We are an acupuncturist and a licensed professional counselor who live and work in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland.  We built our two offices with the intention of practicing from home and welcoming people to our beautiful healing space.  Together we have built an integrated practice that emphasizes gentle, compassionate and holistic healing.


When we first moved here, we set down deep roots through helping to start the Montavilla Farmers Market. We were able to see this community transform through the hard work, care and attention of many hands who believed in the vision of greater sustainability, fresh, organic food and connecting us to the local farmers nearby.



Kate Kirkham practices acupuncture and Jon Keyes is an herbalist and counselor.  As a couple, we believe in incorporating the vision of living more sustainable, slower paced and healthier lives that emphasize relationships, playfulness, self care, and mindfulness.  Both of us also emphasize that food is our essential medicine, and what we eat and drink is at the core of our mental and physical health.


Both of us are dedicated to helping you understand your own health concerns and helping you to take charge of your life in a way that is transformative.  Often we can get stuck in poor habits, or get frustrated and depressed by pain, ailments and dis-ease.  We encourage our clients to transform their lives through what they eat, how they move, play, relate and sleep.


Acupuncture is an energetic medicine that is amazingly powerful for treating illness at its core and  works at the level of the mind, body and spirit.  Counseling is a powerful way to develop insight, close out stagnant living patterns and open up new ways of living to help you thrive.  As practitioners, we have woven these healing modalities together.  Though we practice separately, we draw from each others experience and wisdom.


Through taking care of ourselves, we can be more effective and compassionate people in the world.  Hearthside Healing offers an opportunity to rejuvenate and strengthen yourself at the core so you can take on the challenges of the world.