Professional Disclosure Statement

Jon Keyes, MS, LPC

25 SE 75th Ave.

Portland, Or., 97215



Philosophy and Approach to Counseling:

As a holistic therapist, I see emotional and physical comfort and disease as interlinked.I see myself as an ally to people who are suffering through depression, anxiety, mooddisorders insomnia, PTSD, panic attacks, OCD, fibromyalgia, chronic fatiguesyndrome, autoimmune related illness and addiction issues. Often when we becomestuck, or are feeling grief and sadness in our lives, our emotional pain translates intophysical discomfort and sometimes illness. It is at these key times that we may needgreater help to uncovering the root of our suffering.

When mental or physical illness comes to us, it can feel like it is taking the joy andpleasure out of our lives. It can be very difficult to stay positive when our bodies are inpain and suffering. My approach is to help clients develop mindfulness as a way oflistening to our body and what it is telling us, as well as gently encouraging the beststrategies, nutrition, herbal supplements and nourishment to help clients to strengthen and heal.


Formal Education and Training:

I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Sciences and and a Masters Degree inCounseling. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the state of Oregon. Iam also a National Certified Counselor (NCC). I am also a Health Coach through theInstitute of Integral Nutrition. I have written a book and numerous articles about healthand herbalism for various almanacs and publications. I have worked for the last 7 yearsat Adventist hospital as a Mental Health Therapist working specifically with acutelymentally ill patients.

Billing and Fees: I charge 75 dollars an hour for individual sessions. I am willing
to charge a lower rate depending on income and ability to pay. I am happy to offer a free initial consult over the phone.

Continuing Education: As a mental health professional, I am committed to obtaining ongoing education in the field of mental health and addictions. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, I am required to obtain 40 hours of continuing education every 2 years to maintain my license.

Client Rights:

As a client of a Licensed Professional Counselor, you have the following rights:

! To expect that a licensee has met the minimal qualifications of training and experience required by state law;
! To examine public records maintained by the Board and to have the Board confirm credentials of a licensee;
! To obtain a copy of the Code of Ethics;
! To report complaints to the Board;
! To be informed of the cost of professional services before receiving the services;
! To be assured of privacy and confidentiality while receiving services as defined by rule and law,
including the following exceptions:
! Reporting suspected child abuse;
! Reporting imminent danger to the client or others;
! Reporting information required in court proceedings or by client’s insurance company, or
other relevant agencies;
! Providing information concerning licensee case consultation or supervision; and
! Defending claims brought by client against licensee;
! To be free from being the object of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or other unlawful category while receiving services.
You may contact the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists at:

3218 Pringle Rd., SE #250,
Salem, OR 97302-6312
Telephone: (503) 378-5499
I look forward to working with you.


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