Incorporating herbal medicine into your healing journey can be powerfully transformative.   Herbs have the ability to nourish, vitalize, move stagnant energy and alleviate suffering at a profound level.  However, herbs are not a cure all and underlying poor lifestyle patterns, habits and addictions should be addressed as well or herbal medicine will prove ineffective.  At Hearthside we believe in what we call 5 senses herbal medicine.  That means that herbs work best when they can be seen, touched, smelt, tasted and yes…heard.

Gathering herbs in the backyard or in the wild, placing delicious smelling flowers on the dining room table, bathing in essential oil infused mineral salts, drinking infusions and decoctions and taking tinctures—these are all ways to engage the five senses when taking herbs.  Through the act of engaging the five senses, we enliven and support our body and mind’s innate healing energy.  We believe in the ancient Greek maxim, Vis Medicatrix Naturae, literally meaning “the healing power of nature”   and that given enough time, rest, nourishing food and drink, the body and mind will heal itself.