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We are in the midst of a revolution right now.  For thousands of years, people from cultures throughout the world have worked with herbs to help themselves and their communities work through mental and emotional pain and suffering.  In the West we had mostly lost touch with this rich tradition of working with plants to ease distress.  But in the last 20 years, an enormous change has happened.  People are rediscovering the amazing powers of herbs for helping them them work through their struggles.   From the use of teas, syrups, tinctures to aromatherapy, infused bath salts and flower essences, folks are finding their ways to a wide range of traditional healing tools.

In 2016, Jon decided to make a comprehensive website that people could go to called Herbs for Mental Health.  This is a free resource where people can learn an enormous amount about how plants can help people to heal and recover.  Here is a partial list of what herbs can do to help with the process of recovery:



Build resiliency

Improve Gut Health


Alleviate pain

Improve mood


Reduce inflammation

Bring pleasure




As herbalists we make our own tea blends, tinctures, syrups and distilled oils.  We believe that having a direct connection to the plants matters and because of that each herbal preparation we make is handcrafted with love.  On weekends and in free time you may find us out in the woods gathering key herbs, gardening and distilling plants to make aromatic oils and hydrosols, or working in a kitchen to make herbal preparations that fits each person’s individual needs.  As herbalists we are able to help you navigate the many possibilities for healing and make suggestions for helping you on your journey.

As an herbalist, Jon Keyes primarily works from a trauma informed perspective with people who are struggling with mental and emotional issues.  Traditionally, helping people heal from distress has long been the domain of wise women and men acting as kitchen herbalists and hearthside healers.  The simple practice of offering rest and comfort, a cup of tea and a listening ear is what he calls folk counseling.  It is the oldest and most basic form of helping someone when people are down, confused, distressed and overwhelmed.  Jon is rooted in a ground up, resiliency based model of herbalism that emphasizes nourishment.

As an acupuncturist, Kate Kirkham sees a more wide variety of clients with both physical and mental health concerns.  She shares a deep love for working with local plants and using a variety of approaches for helping people to heal.  She has studied with Peter Holmes LAc, and incorporates aromatic oils into her practice as well as providing an array of herbal tinctures, tea blends and syrups to help people struggling with pain, anxiety, sleep issues, energy levels, immune system challenges and many other health concerns.


Our practice as herbalists

–  Is based primarily in nourishment.

–   Honors traditional ways of helping people in distress.

–   Honors neurodiversity.

–   Is non-hierarchal.

–   Sees plants and the natural world as key tools to help people to heal.

–   Based in social justice.

–   Based in love.


As an herbal educator Jon offers year long apprenticeships each year starting in February going through October.  Please see here for more information.  The 2018 program is already enrolled but I will be teaching classes throughout the year as well.  If you are interested in incorporating herbs into your path towards greater healing please let us know.

You can reach Jon at or by phone at 503-890-3138.

You can reach Kate at or by phone at 503-255-7254.