Herbal Apprenticeship


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Starting in the winter of 2018, I will be taking apprentices for a nine month herbal program.  The heart of the work is about developing closer alliances and relationships with 20 plants, learning how to ethically harvest them and make herbal preparations.  The classes will mainly be one sunday a month from 10-5 unless otherwise listed.


As a folk herbalist I believe in healing that is based in nourishment, resiliency and direct relationship with the plants.   I believe that learning is best done when we get our hands dirty and learn directly in the field.  The plants themselves will teach us by simply observing and listening to them, and then turning them into preparations that we can work with in our day to day lives.


In this series of classes, you will be learning how to make decoctions, teas, syrups, infused oils, salves, bath salts, distillations, essential oils and hydrosols from these plants.  You will also learn how to listen deeply to the “song” of the plants and cultivate a personal relationship with these plants.  I am aquatinted with hundreds of plants but I am only deep friends with a couple dozen.  These are plants that I return to again and again to hear their songs, touch, smell and taste them.  They have become entwined in my life and I hope they will for you.


As a folk herbalist I believe that we can serve our friends, allies and community with simple, gentle plants and fungi that will help us to feel stronger and more resilient.




Dates and time:  (All times will be 10-5 except when noted)




Saturday February 17th  5-8 pm.    Meet, share a meal and connect

Sunday February 18th Cottonwood, Douglas Fir- infused oil and distilling essential oil


Sunday March 18th  Oregon Grape and Burdock:  Bitters, decoctions and syrups



Sunday April 8th  Nettle and Bleeding-heart:  Nutritives, Drying leafy plants, making long infusions, making flower essences



Sunday May 6th  Hawthorn flower and Lemon Balm-  Nervines, tincture making



Sunday June 3rd   7 AM- 5 PM.  Coastal trip Seaweeds and Mugwort:  Nutrients, bitters, making broth



Sunday July 1st  Saint Johns Wort and Yarrow:  Tincture and infused oil.



Sunday July 22nd  Mimosa and Lavender:  Tincture and distillation of essential oil.  Bath salts and Sprays.



Sunday August  26th    Cedar and Reishi:   Tinctures, oils and double extractions.


Sunday September 23rd  Elder and Hawthorn Berry:  Syrups and tinctures



Saturday October 27th  5-8 pm  Share meal, closing conversations.

Sunday October 28th Devil’s Club and Red Belted Conk:  Infused oils, extractions  and tinctures