Energetic Herbal Healing

This category of herbs covers all those that are taken in minute doses.  A “Spirit Dose” of a plant is the process of taking a tincture in tiny doses- usually 1-4 drops.  A flower essence contains no true herb in it but instead is the floral “imprint” of an herb that is carried in water and is preserved with brandy.  Both of these ways of healing involve helping the client to connect to the spiritual/energetic messages of the plant.  In this way, the plant acts as a key in the lock for helping people to shift through psychic and emotional blockages.  I generally work with tinctures as they also carry the taste of an herb that can have some medicinal effects, even at subtle levels, and also helps an individual connect to the plant better.  You may decide to work with a set of plants such as the Bach Flower Remedies or FES (Flower Essence Society) that are commonly known.

I prefer to work with the plants that grow around me in their native habitat.  Here are some of the plants I work with and their energetic imprints.  I categorize them according to one of the four elements.  This can help narrow down what type of plant you may want as an ally.



Fire Element

  For joy, life force, play, strengthening the heart, warming  and opening the spirit



Nettles (Urtica dioica)-  For martialing the vital forces, strengthening the will and building strength and courage

Douglas Fir- For standing tall, proud and strong, to lift the heart and find courage.

Mimosa  For being playful, silly, whimsical, for improved sleep, to ward off sadness

Reishi  For those who have experienced trauma,  and have an unsettled spirit with symptoms of  confusion, disconnection

Hawthorn  to warm the spirit, relax and soothe a troubled mind, to relax the heart and manage grief and protect against malevolent  forces.

Saint John’s Wort   For those who have lost vitality and joy in life, who feel distant, disconnected, anxious and sad.  SJW warms the spirit as the sun warms the body.

Rose   For those who have lost a sense of their good heart.  If they are feeling grief, loss, deep sadness and disconnection, rose helps bring them back.



Air Element  

 For strengthening the nervous system, reducing anxiety, improving intention, clarity, opens and establishing boundaries


Elder  For bridging the gap between this world and the next, death and dying work, grief work, for protection and for those with grief- especially held in the lungs.

California Poppy  For those who feel in deep emotional pain that is not easily lifted- there is a need for warm supportive holding here.

Lavender  For those who’s spirits are anxious, unsettled and sad.  Lavender lifts, opens, disperses, brings smiles and a gentle playful heart

Rosemary  For those who feel cloudy, confused, dull and tired, with challenges with attention, depression and memory loss issues.

Lemon Balm  For those who are wound up, overly hot, cant sleep well, feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Motherwort  For those with a sad heart, poor attachment as a child or trauma history, need “mothering”, soothing.

Yarrow  Yarrow holds us in, helps us to not disperse our energy to places where it is not honored (do not cast pearls before swine).  Yarrow protects by storing our energy, helps us become focused, singular, direct and clear with our words, intentions and boundaries.Good for those who have had their boundaries violated.



Earth Element

  For grounding, releasing toxic held frozen states, connecting and stabilizing


Burdock  For those who appear overburdened, stuck and tight with signs of frustration and anger that could easily explode due to feeling obstructed.  Burdock settles the spirit, circulates and disperses stuck dark and unhappy feelings.

Dandelion  Helps us find our joy, release unneeded held emotional states, giving away power.  Dandelion also teaches us tenacity, strength and blooming where one is planted.


Oregon Grape  This is for the person who needs to be more of a warrior, stand up for themselves and loved ones, fight off unneeded people, and release held felt tension.

Red Belted Conk  This is for those who appear weak, disconnected, mired in illness and depression.  Red Belted Conk brings back the will and life force, helps strengthen a person at their core.

Western Red Cedar  Supremely grounding with sweet loving energy.  Cedar helps relax, soothe and helps us to give in a good way with clear boundaries.



Water Element

 For exploring deeper held emotional spaces where we might be frozen in poor behaviors, actions, thinking patterns



Black Cottonwood  For those who are holding deep grief and sadness.  Cottonwood helps people to release, open, cry and flow with life again after being frozen by grief and trauma.   Very soothing and gentle.

Devil’s Club   This is a traditional plant for protection, good fortune and working between the worlds.  DC works with core wounds and helps people move through deep places of struggle where they are hiding, feel blocked and will not go to challenging places. DC moves the energy, helps a person to make better choices, walk a better road and also helps us to stand tall and strong in our true authentic selves.  Careful with  this one- it can cause big shifts in people’s lives.

Mugwort  Traditionally and cross culturally mugwort helps move the energy, release stagnation and protect us from unwanted forces and people.  Mugwort will help us release and discharge and this plant should be used in a careful way with much respect.

Seaweed  Seaweeds dissolve and release stored hard deeply held emotional states, often connected to physical manifestations such as growths and autoimmune illnesses.



Working with the plants



These herbs can be offered as singles or in formulas specific to an individual.  Some of these herbs blend quite magically together.  Here are some ideas:

To bring greater joy, pleasure in life, feelings of happiness: Mimosa, SJW, Douglas Fir

For grief and loss:  Rose, Hawthorn and Lemon balm 

For trauma, shakiness, and sadness and confusion held in the heart:  Reishi, Hawthorn, Motherwort

For courage and strength: Douglas Fir, Nettles and Devil’s club

To dispel circular ruminative thinking:  Lavender, rosemary and lemon balm

For a loss of boundaries, trauma work, holding to oneself strong and true:  Yarrow, Devil’s Club, Oregon Grape

For working with ancestors, deep grief work:  Elder, Mugwort, Black cottonwood

For moving through addiction, poor habits, lack of authenticity: Devil’s Club, Yarrow, Cedar

For weakness, depletion, chronic illness:  Nettles, Red Belted Conk, Dandelion

For peace, calmness, grounding: Cedar, Rose, Black cottonwood

For cooling inflammation, feeling “wired”, overwhelmed:  Seaweed, Lemon balm, Burdock

For moving through big blocks:  Burdock, Devil’s Club, Mugwort

For dispelling negative influences, protection: Devil’s Club, Mugwort, Hawthorn





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