Energetic Herbal Healing

Assessment Skills for Herbalists

Tonic Herbs

Perfume of the Land

Herbal Protocols for Emotional Wellbeing



Seaweed Harvesting

Lemon Balm


Nutritive Herbs

Artists Conk

Oregon Grape

Red Belted Conk

Bitter Herbs: Nature’s Great Healers

Black Cottonwood

Western Red Cedar

Aromatic Plants and their Healing Powers

Polyvagal Theory, Herbalism, Resiliency and Healing

The Nervous System

The Columbia River and its People

Devil’s Club: Sacred Plant of the Northwest


Mimosa- The Happiness Tree

Mimosa “Full Happiness” Flowers

10 Types of Healing Plants for Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing  

Trauma, the Gut and Healing: Building Deep Resiliency

Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing the Heart: Exploring Heart Rate Variability and Trauma

Trauma, Neurodiversity and Healing

Artisan Distillers: Making Small batch Essential Oils with Love

NorthWest Herbal Resource Guide

Decolonizing the Mental Health System

Folk Counseling

The Nourishment Model of Counseling

Invisible Pain- Tapering off Psychiatric Drugs

Interview with Monica Cassani of Beyond Meds

Happiness and the Myth of Chemical Imbalance

Rethinking the term “Mental Illness”

Seeking Refuge: Bringing Nature into the Healing Practice

What is Mental Health Herbalism?

Deep Herbalism


The Untamed Heart: Holistic Approach to Bipolar

Holistic Approach to Psychosis

Modern Mental Health/ The Problem with Evidence Based Treatment

Folk Herbalism and Mental Health

Making Magical Herbal Teas

Traditional European Herbalism

Thoughts on Herbal Dosage

St. John’s Wort