Perfume of the Land


Douglas Fir



Seaweed Harvesting

Lemon Balm


Nutritive Herbs

Artists Conk

Oregon Grape

Red Belted Conk

Bitter Herbs: Nature’s Great Healers

Black Cottonwood

Western Red Cedar

Aromatic Plants and their Healing Powers

Polyvagal Theory, Herbalism, Resiliency and Healing

The Nervous System

The Columbia River and its People

Devil’s Club: Sacred Plant of the Northwest


Mimosa- The Happiness Tree

Mimosa “Full Happiness” Flowers

10 Types of Healing Plants for Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing  

Trauma, the Gut and Healing: Building Deep Resiliency

Healing from Childhood Trauma

Healing the Heart: Exploring Heart Rate Variability and Trauma

Trauma, Neurodiversity and Healing

Artisan Distillers: Making Small batch Essential Oils with Love

NorthWest Herbal Resource Guide

Decolonizing the Mental Health System

Folk Counseling

The Nourishment Model of Counseling

Invisible Pain- Tapering off Psychiatric Drugs

Interview with Monica Cassani of Beyond Meds

Happiness and the Myth of Chemical Imbalance

Rethinking the term “Mental Illness”

Seeking Refuge: Bringing Nature into the Healing Practice

What is Mental Health Herbalism?

Deep Herbalism


The Untamed Heart: Holistic Approach to Bipolar

Holistic Approach to Psychosis

Modern Mental Health/ The Problem with Evidence Based Treatment

Folk Herbalism and Mental Health

Making Magical Herbal Teas

Traditional European Herbalism

Thoughts on Herbal Dosage

St. John’s Wort