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October 7-9th, 2016

Radical Community Mental Health:
Returning to Traditional Forms of Healing


“In my talk I will explore the modern day underpinnings of how the mental health system has developed and how it has replaced traditional systems of  working with emotional distress that include herbalism.  Often the mental health system falls short in addressing the roots of illness such as social inequality and racism as well as trauma that impacts both physical and mental health.

Though aspects of the system can be very helpful to some, the modern mental health system is often steeped in oppressive patterns that deny the validity of traditional  and indigenous methods of healing from distress and mental illness.  In this talk I will explore the modern epidemic of mental illness and how herbalists can play a profound role in assisting people who are in emotional distress as well as reestablishing important traditional methods of helping people to heal.”



This class will be held at the Longhouse at the Evergreen State college as part of the larger Dandelion Seed Conference to be held October 7-9.  To find out more click here.







Trauma and the Body: Healing emotional distress at a root level


In this class I will be exploring how trauma impacts not only the

emotions but the physical body and how modern mind-body counseling therapies

can be integrated with traditional Chinese medicine for addressing

distress at a root level.  The class will be held at the Oregon College of

Oriental Medicine from 4-6 PM on Sunday, May 22nd.  CEUs will be

given. Click the link here for more information.








Devil’s Club, Sacred Cascadian Medicine


In this talk, Jon will explore working with Devil’s Club (Oplopanax

horridus), a plant that grows from the NorthWest to Alaska and has long

been revered as sacred by indigenous communities and as a frustrating

“Devil” by settlers here. In this talk he will juxtapose these ideas and

explore the plants magical and ceremonial use by numerous coastal

native nations. Devil’s Club has not only been used for treating physical

ailments such as tuberculosis, ulcers and diabetes, it has also been used

for protection, initiation and healing medicine. This is a plant that is

deeply armored with thorns and symbolizes both boundary protection

and wounds. Often these wounds relate to inner unresolved trauma and

Devil’s Club is expert at uncovering those hidden recesses and also

bringing deep strength and wisdom. In this talk we will explore this

powerful transformative sacred plant.


This class is part of a larger amazing conference known as Viridis Genii held at the Still Meadow Retreat Center near Portland from June 3rd-June 5th.  Go here for Registration .


Devil's Club-  Oplapanax horridum

Devil’s Club- Oplapanax horridus