Making a Reishi Double Extraction.


Unknown-4I wrote an article a while back about how to make a large batch of Reishi tea and then put it in the freezer in ice cube trays for easy daily dosage Reishi tea.  The article details the very positive benefits of this amazing mushroom so I’ll encourage you to go there if you want to examine Reishi’s benefits more closely.


In this article I want to explain how to make a Reishi “double extraction”.   That means a blend of a decoction (water based extraction) and a tincture (alcohol based extraction.)  One of the key aspects of working with Reishi is understanding that different medicinal constituents are extracted from hot water and from alcohol and that combining these two methods makes for a superior medicine.


Hot water extract/AKA decoction:  A water based extraction, as described in my other post, pulls out large-branched chains of polysaccharides that are found in the cell walls of the mushroom.  Its hard to breakdown these polysaccharides without the help of hot water.  Our normal digestive process doesn’t do the trick and a lot of the medicinal value escapes without the denaturing process of decocting the fungus.  These polysaccharides improve immunological function in a variety of ways.  They also have anti-tumoral activity and inhibit the growth of cancerous cells as well as improve immune function during chemotherapy.


ETOH Extraction:  But the polysaccharides are not the only useful part of Reishi.  This amazing medicine also contains a variety of other constituents such as triterpenoids and sterols that are also quite helpful and can only be extracted via alcohol.  Triterpenoids such as ganoderic and lucidenic acids are responsible for anti-inflammatory, hypotensive and adaptogenic qualities can only be extracted by using distilled alcohol via tintcuring.


So, the first key to working Reishi is procuring the best available mushroom for your medicine.  There is a lot of controversy in this area because wild Reishi is generally considered to be the most potent but over harvesting of wild Reishi has led to it becoming increasingly endangered.  Because of this I suggest only buying top quality organically grown Reishi.  Mt. Rose herbs sells organic and responsibly harvested Reishi slices.


Double Extraction Instructions:


In this article I will start by making a quart of Reishi tincture.  I will use half of it and add that to a pint of reishi decoction to make a quart of “double extracted” Reishi.

Generally a quart jar can take about 75 grams or approx 2.5 ounces of reishi slices.



Then place the Reishi in a blender.  I have a great Vitamix that can really chop up hard mushrooms like Reishi.

If one is making a double extraction with equal parts decoction and tincture, you will want to use a high proof alcohol.  I diluted my 190 proof ever clear to make it 80 percent alcohol (160 proof).

That way it will come out to a 40 percent/80 proof double extraction when combined with the decoction.  You want to end up with no less than a 40 % combined extraction because it will be preserved for longer.  Lower extractions (25 %) will not keep as long.




OK-  so then blend Reishi and alcohol in the mixer until your Reishi is cut up into little bits.  This will give greater surface area and improve the extraction of constituents in your tincture.





Now place your cut up Reishi  in a quart jar.  Fill it up most of the with alcohol covering the Reishi about an inch above.  -  Cap it and let it sit for 4 weeks.

After that period, uncap your quart jar, decant the alcohol through a filter and remove the reishi mushroom.   You will then have a potent Reishi tincture.




Now at this point most folks call for using the same Reishi and decocting it but I have decided to start over with a fresh batch of Reishi.  I take another 75  grams of reishi and again put it in a blender with about a quart of water.


IMG_6613 IMG_6619


I then bring the reishi and water to a boil, let it simmer until the extraction is reduced to a pint.  Then the reishi decoction can be added to one pint of the reishi tincture in a ratio of 1:1 to make a 40 % alcohol double extraction.  You can add honey to give it a nice taste and for preservative as well.


IMG_6627 - Version 2


This is about a quart of Reishi 40 % alcohol double extraction.  Try taking about 2 teaspoons per dose up to three times a day.

The whole process is not too complicated and suddenly you have approximately 32 ounces of double extraction of Reishi.  If you were to purchase that ounce by ounce from a store, that would cost close to 500 dollars.  If you make it yourself it will cost about 30 dollars…a heck of a lot cheaper.  Enjoy!




IMG_4615This article written by Jon Keyes, LPC.  For more articles like this, please go to




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  1. You have used the process that I have worked to after years of trying different methods so it’s great to see it explained and illustrated so well. I am currently using Ganoderma oregonense since it our local that is closest. Thanks.

  2. Hi,
    Recently made a double extraction of Reishi, and when i added the decoction to the tincture it turned all milky and light. Your final product still looks nice and dark and clear. Any ideas why, or did I do simmering wrong? Thanks :)

  3. Something, not simmering lol but you get the picture.

  4. I used Ganoderma Tsugae for my double decoction which I plucked off of local hemlock. I haven’t found any comparisons between the tussle and the lucid; I would think that since the hemlock has different properties than the hardwoods on which lucidum grows there would also be a difference in the medicinal properties between the two mushrooms. Are you aware of any?

    • hearthside says:

      You know this is a source of much conversation amongst my herby friends. I believe that Ganoderma lucidum and Ganoderma tsugae (and Oregonense for that matter) vary little in their medicinal and energetic effects and research appears to back that up. Gaoderma applanatum appears to have a different effect medicinally. It doesn’t seem to have as strong an effect on helping those who have experienced shock, trauma and heartache (shen disturbance in Chinese medicine). However, there just hasn’t been enough research on G. applanatum medicinally to back that up scientifically.

  5. cemora slatten says:

    Well I’m finally getting to the end of the Reishi Mushroom Double infusion alcohol and boil water. I started 6 months ago.

  6. Marc-André says:

    I often see a ratio on product like this in store. Do you know what 1 to 4(1:4) or 1 to 5(1:5) refers to?

  7. id like to make a Chaga mushroom tincture, should i use the exact same process from above?
    kind regards!

  8. The best and most simple explanation yet. I was wondering what do you do with the extra tincture left over from the alcohol extraction.
    Since boil down the mushrooms to half of what the alcohol base is.
    ty in advanced.

  9. Do you use fresh reishi?

  10. I’ve made my double extract with help of little different recipe, but now I’m not sure if that’s ok. The only thing I did differently was making decoction by boiling Reishi for two hours and then simmering for about a day untill it get cold. Did I made big mistake?
    Thank you!

  11. Jean Saunders says:

    I just harvested around 4 lbs of fresh reishi. Do I need to dry it before making the tincture?


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