Mimosa “Full Happiness” Flowers


  In a previous article I wrote about gathering bark from the Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) tree to make medicine. Known as “He Huan Pi” in Chinese medicine, mimosa bark is renowned for its ability to “anchor the heart”, meaning that it helps stabilize emotions, brings gentle calm to the spirit and is helpful for those […]

Mimosa- The Happiness Tree

Isabel helping make medicine

Early this summer I realized my beautiful Mimosa tree was growing kind of out of control.  This is an extremely fast growing tree that had risen to about 50 feet high and was intermingling its branches amongst the power lines.  Time to prune.  And since I was going to prune, this was also a perfect […]

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Emotional Wellbeing


Throughout America, many millions are looking to holistic ways to feel better and improve their mental health.  Perhaps they have been dissatisfied with taking medications, or simply want to improve their mood and wellbeing.  Many millions have turned to buying herbal supplements in stores and to looking at traditional styles of healing such as Traditional […]