Mimosa “Full Happiness” Flowers


  In a previous article I wrote about gathering bark from the Mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) tree to make medicine. Known as “He Huan Pi” in Chinese medicine, mimosa bark is renowned for its ability to “anchor the heart”, meaning that it helps stabilize emotions, brings gentle calm to the spirit and is helpful for those […]

Mimosa- The Happiness Tree

Isabel helping make medicine

Early this summer I realized my beautiful Mimosa tree was growing kind of out of control.  This is an extremely fast growing tree that had risen to about 50 feet high and was intermingling its branches amongst the power lines.  Time to prune.  And since I was going to prune, this was also a perfect […]

Healing Insomnia Naturally

Alarm clock on night table showing 3 a.m.

Insomnia is one of the most common ailments in modern society  and it often develops when a number of factors occur.  There is usually some ongoing stress such as work, relationship or financial problems.  It is common that there is a dietary component where the person is consuming too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol and processed […]

Schizandra Deep Healing Tea


When I was a kid I used to get together with friends and play the game of “making potions”.  We would put together any substances and liquids we could find and blend them into magical elixirs.  Of course back then they were made with primarily koolaid, frozen concentrate and herbs from the spice rack and […]

What to do when you just can’t sleep.

grunge image of moon landscape

So you can’t sleep.  You’re in bed lying awake.  Maybe you are chewing over something that has happened to you, or maybe you drank a mocha frappucino right after dinner.  Maybe the medications you are taking (or tapering off of) are making you feel lousy.  Perhaps old images and memories are haunting you.  Or maybe […]

Nervine Herbs for Deep Relief from Anxiety and Stress


When someone is feeling stressed, anxious, tense and wound up, herbalists will often recommend a type of herb known as a nervine.  A nervine is a type of herb that has a relaxing (and sometimes stimulating) effect on the nervous system and can help to soothe tension and bring a sense of calm.  These herbs […]

Holistic Support for Post Traumatic Stress


Waking up in the middle of the night, short of breath, heart racing and beating hard against the chest.  Feelings of panic, fear, of wanting to crawl out of one’s skin.  Restless obsessive thoughts and images.  Recurrent negative thoughts repeating endlessly.  Severe anxiety. Withdrawing from friends and family.  Feeling shut down and depressed.  Can’t sleep, […]

The Fire Element: Staying Healthy Through the Summer


    The Summer.   Heat, lazy days by the river, basking in the glow of the sun, watching plants grow high and flower.  The summer is the time to shine, play and have fun.  But sometimes the summer can feel taxing, full of so many activities and the heat can overwhelm and exhaust us.  The […]

Holistic Insomnia Protocol


Insomnia has become an increasingly large part of millions of people’s lives.  A little sleeplessness here and there is no problem, but for many people, getting to sleep and staying asleep has become deeply challenging.  Insomnia often leads to daytime symptoms of lethargy, fatigue, anxiety and depression.  To cope with this illness, many turn to […]