Trauma, the Gut and Healing: Building Deep Resiliency


      Imagine yourself as a small child and living in a household where the parents drink excessively, argue and at times lash out angrily and abusively towards you.  Or imagine living in a situation where you are poor and living in a violent neighborhood where you feel threatened regularly.  Through studies, we now […]

Deep Root Medicine with Jeff Johnson: The healing power of ashwaghanda


  Drive along the Columbia River Gorge and wind your way up the rural hills to the town of Corbett and then head up the misty road towards Larch Mountain and you will find a small herbal farm run by Jeff Johnson.  He leases a plot of land so that he can primarily grow an […]

15 best Mental Health Herbal Tinctures


I was recently talking to a friend about mental health herbalism and they wanted some good recommendations about how to stock their house with the best herbs so I thought I’d write out a few thoughts with my recommendations on tinctures.  Often a mental health tincture is one that is gently relaxing, can help someone […]

Making Infused herbal baths


  Perhaps my favorite way to reach people who are depressed, anxious and  stressed is through herbal infused baths.  I have an extra long claw foot tub that I rescued from recycling at a hardware store.  I fixed it up and built a bathroom that could fit its large size.  When you take a bath, […]

Artisan Distillers: Making Small batch Essential Oils with Love

IMG_3617 (1)

In the last decade much of the modern alternative health field has been swept up by the power of aromatherapy and essential oils to help improve mood, health and wellbeing.  The connection between plant volatile oils and their effect on wellbeing has been noted since ancient times and the art of perfumery has roots dating […]

The Healing Power of Wild Northwest Reishi


  Walking the murky and tulgy backwoods trails deep in the Pacific Northwest hills in the summertime and fall,  you may find a treasure trove of edible, poisonous and medicinal mushrooms.    As an herbalist I have long been fascinated by some of these strange creatures and specifically one genus of mushroom known as Ganoderma. […]

Winter, Depression and Healing Adrenal Fatigue

Bridge in winter in Matsue

  The winter settles in, deep, dark and cold.  For some of us this can be a deeply hard time as we descend into sadness, lethargy, exhaustion and depression.  For most of our time as humans, the winter has been a challenging time for those in temperate climates.  Plant life dies down and the cold […]

The Untamed Heart: Holistic Approach to Bipolar


  I walked into the secluded psychiatric hospital area where she stood.  The words came out in spurts and gymnastic rhythms, incessant and spiraling.  She pleaded, cajoled, mocked, yelled and raged, then softened and became charming, seductive.  As I listened and tried to reply, she commented endlessly on my features, her level of distrust off […]

Interview with Monica Cassani of Beyond Meds


Monica Cassani  runs a very popular blog,, that details her experience of being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, treated with numerous medications and then her journey of coming off those medications while incorporating holistic tools to help her heal.   In her own words:   “I have seen the system from both sides – as a social […]

Wild Food, Wild Heart


  In the last 100 years there have been dramatic changes  in how we grow food and what we eat.  These changes have fundamentally altered the planet’s landscape as we have blanketed much of our agricultural lands with monocultures of just a few varieties of crops. And what we are finding is that much of the food […]