Acupuncture is part of an ancient system of healing that also includes dietary advice, massage and herbs.  Together these healing techniques are remarkably effective at healing illness at a core level.  Acupuncture works by helping to unblock the energy channels that run through our bodies, allowing disease, illness and stagnation to be discharged and clear healing energy to flow and optimally restore the body.  Acupuncture is often very effective at healing conditions that Western Medicine has difficulty treating such as physical pain, migraines and insomnia.

Here are some links to great resources:


images-6 Oregon College of Oriental Medicine:  This is Portland’s main school for the study of Chinese Medicine and where Kate went to school.  They have a great low cost clinic for those needing affordable care.





Logo-green-150    National College Of  Natural Medicine:  This naturopathic college also teaches Chinese medicine and have a great low cost clinic as well.


Unknown     Montavilla Community Acupuncture:  Great local Montavilla acupuncture clinic in Portland.  Mia Neuse gives excellent care. Kathryn Lowe is an excellent massage therapist there as well.





images-5 Rose City Acupuncture:  Sharon Rose is an excellent acupuncturist and runs this clinic off 38th and Belmont.