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Healing the Wounded Heart

Building Deep Emotional Resiliency with herbs

 with Jon Keyes


Herbs have long played a role in helping people recover from emotional distress such as anxiety, grief and sadness.    They can nourish, reduce inflammation, heal the gut, bring calm and pleasure.  Trauma and stress can have a profound impact on physical and emotional health and herbs are uniquely tailored to help with healing.


When we look at emotional health and well being, we often tend to look at the nervous system.  But modern research is increasingly pointing to gut health as a prime area where good mental and emotional health begin.  In this workshop benefit for the Native American Youth and Family Center,  Jon Keyes will explore trauma, gut health, inflammation, polyvagal tone and will teach a few key herbal recipes to help people improve deep emotional resiliency.


Time:  Sunday October 22nd,  from 10AM to 3 PM.  There will be a break for lunch.


Where:  The Herb Shoppe, 3912 North Mississippi Avenue, Portland, OR


Cost: 25-40$ sliding scale.  All proceeds go to the Native American Youth and Family Center.  Buy tickets here.


Bio:  Jon Keyes is a therapist and herbalist who lives and works in the Montavilla neighborhood of Portland.  He has written extensively on the subject of herbalism and these are available free at and at  Jon believes that working with herbs is a revolutionary act that builds resiliency and helps strengthen communities.